• All exterior work now complete
  • Internal painting complete
  • Kitchens installed and bathrooms complete
  • Tiling complete
  • Carpets booked for laying next week
  • Wooden flooring installation complete
  • Balconies now enclosed and tiling complete
  • Painting to Balcony Ceilings complete
  • RHS Boundary Fence being erected
  • Landscaping has commenced with deliveries of shrubs and trees
  • Interior of Pool tiling to be done
  • Pool surround tiling and glass fencing complete
  • Aircon units installed
  • Balustrades due to be installed later this week

Sales Activity:

  • Contract on Unit 1

Marketing :

  • Ongoing online marketing with Domain
  • Open Homes have been held but the weather has been an issue

Weather Report:

  • Several days lost to inclement weather in and around Brisbane

Expected Completion Date:

  • Early to mid May

Expected Titles Issue Date:

  • As above

Investors will be paid their profit share when all units are sold under the terms of the IM to insure maximum returns are achieved.