• Project is complete
  • Awaiting Plan Ceiling to be completed so that titles can be issued.
  • Plan Ceiling requirements which are under review and currently being certified are the following:
    • QUU( Queensland Urban Utilities) to provide connection certificate in Month of February
    • NBN Connection and Telecommunication network certification terms of the PPO.
  • Once Titles are issued the following will take place:
    • Settle on Unit 3 for $638,000
  • Current sales are above estimated sale price during acquisition
  • Project is on budget
  • As described in the Alpha One Investment Holdings P/L  PPO dated 17th of December 2015 the profit share arrangement is that the Investment Company will retain a  40% profit share.
  • Current contract price per unit is above the mentioned prices in the PPO.

Sales Activity:

  • Unit 3 – Under Contract $645,000

Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • Unit 5 – $615,000
  • Unit 1 –  $600,000