• 2 contracts are currently executed
  • Our Deed with Lendlease allows us to handle multiple buyers during settlement
    • This Deed stipulates that we can:
      •  Accept multiple Offers
  • Contract 1 was singed during the month of December 2017 with a settlement date of January 18 th . The Conditions surrounding installation costs from Energex have been confirmed and agreed by the parties. During negations the offer has now dropped to 4.0m plus GST, this reflects a discount of -$185,000 from previous offer. The new price is stipulated below with revised conditions.
  • Contract 1 is our preferred buyer as we understand their capacity to settle.

Contract 1

4.0 Million Exclusive GST

  • Further 45 Days of DD
  • 30 Days Settlement

Contract 2

4.3 Million Inclusive GST

  • Subject to Finance 30 Days
  • Signed date was 28/01/2018