JUNE 2017


  • BCC have a few amendments on the 8 townhouse scheme
  • DA is nearly completed – we are working with BCC to rectify some minor traffic control issues with the two units facing Gladstone road and anticipate final approval shortly thereafter
  • Site has been cleared and scraped

JULY 2017


  • BCC have agreed in principle the plans for storm water, traffic management and 8 townhouse development and commercial site – final approval for DA expected within the next four weeks
  • New plans available attached
  • 2 Expression Of Interest


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  • Working with Brisbane City Council Visual Amenities department on Unit 6 – 8. These changes are in line with overall development height of existing character homes that surround the development site.
  • Changes to the exterior cladding to Unit 6 – 8 to match character of existing overlays of zoning requirements
  • We anticipate Development Approval after these amendments are completed.
  • These amendments are insignificant in terms of DA approval and we are working on a speedy closing to rectify our design with Architects and Brisbane City Council





  • Brisbane City Council has agreed to our changes to the DA
  • Private Open Space
  • Reconfiguration to Unit 5
  • Traffic Control in relation to visitor car spaces
  • DA expected to be finalised by November 2017
  • Civils and Earthworks to commence in November




  • BCC has acknowledged the revised plans as an acceptable revision to support the DA
  • We anticipate that a DA approval is set for the month November
  • Civils and stormwater management contractor to commence on site month of November
  • Cottee Parker Architects have been engaged to further up plans and interior design


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  • The Project is now DA Approved.


We have been working with Traffic control assurors within local council to amend the turning radius of Unit 5-7 over the last month. The assuror has been on holidays for 3 weeks and returned on the 7th and has now approved all traffic control issues. We apologize for the timely delay. Marketing will commence within the month of January along with civils and bulk earthworks.

Estimated Completion Date: July 2018






  • Local Council have provided a schedule of works in accordance to DA Plans
  • These works include new surveys of the following
    • Stormwater
    • Sewage
    • Placement of Tree roots to ensure no damage is carried out – Historic Norfolk Pine
    • Piers for foundations which support the future development footprint
  • Soft launched our marketing program
  • Site is wrapped
  • Contracts are being prepared for sales

Sales Activity 

  • 51 new enquiries since launch date




BCC Approved the DA for 7 Townhouses, there was still a court matter on the original 37 Unit scheme when the JV purchased the land.

The Judge ruled the change from 37 Unit Scheme to 7 Townhouse DA Approved plans to be vast in material changed. The judge has simply asked to resubmit the DA, with view and acknowledgment that BCC are in favour of the DA and will have a speedy approval with this new submission.

From the date of acquisition we have been diligently working with BCC to approve the design of the 7 Townhouse scheme. We have resubmitted the scheme as per the Courts advice and under the local council guidance.

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MARCH 2018


  • Brisbane City Council have granted a DA (Development Approval) in principle.
  • Application fees have been paid
  • Awaiting Civil and Earthwork approvals to be granted ( approx. 28th May)
  • Minor works will commence shortly on the site in preparation for the start of construction.
  • Updates will be posted regularly as approvals come through council.
  • We will notify all investors when such approvals are granted.

Current Sales Activity:

  • 2 EOI (Expression of Interest)

Marketing: The Halcyon on Highgate

  • We will keep all investors up to date with Marketing and Sales Activity

Expected Construction Start Date:

  • July 2018

APRIL 2018


Brisbane City Council has requested an amendment to new stormwater drains and locations for the new plans which were submitted on the 12th of March 2018. We have engaged our Civil Engineers to perform this work and these supporting documentation will be available by 5th May. We then submit these new stormwater designs to the BCC completing their last requirements.

What’s Coming Up:

  • We are expecting the DA to be approved in the order of 45 days from this update.
  • Commencement on site after DA approval is out.

Expected Construction date:

  • July 2018

MAY 2018